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2019 Pulse Series



This conversation focused on what, who, and how Reading is changing.  We considered how these changes impact us individually and as a community.

Attendees discussed what was uncomfortable (challenging) and exciting (opportunistic) with these changes.  We explored values and aspects we want to carry forward in Reading, but also where we need to let go and what an be left behind.


A Matter of Civility

What does “civility” actually mean to us? This was a fascinating and eye-opening discussion as we realized there was no single definition and understanding of civility.  As one participant reflected: "I thought this was going to be an easy conversation. I learned tonight that civility is much more complicated than I thought it was."

The harvest for the evening were ideas of how we as individuals, as well as town government and community groups can practice respectful and inclusive communications with each other.


Belonging: Diversity in Reading

Our last conversation of 2019 asked participants to discuss what it means to be truly a "welcoming community"?  We shared when/how we feel we belong and the impact of when we do or don't feel as though we belong to a community or group.  We identified behaviors and practices that work, but also that individually, we have the power and responsibility to create spaces of belonging in Reading.

2019 Pulse Conversations: Programs
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