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Listen & Learn ("What is privilege and why does it matter?")

Inspired by the February 23 "What is privilege and why does it matter?" Pulse of Reading Conversation? Listen and learn more with the following podcasts.

  • Nice White Parents From Serial and The New York Times: Five-part series that looks at the 60-year relationship between white parents and the public school down the block.

  • Code Switch This is NPR’s flagship podcast about race and culture, so it definitely contains multitudes. It takes on race and racism across a spectrum of identities and offers personal stories, historical context, and impactful analysis on the challenging past and present of race in America.

  • Pod Save the People Hosted by the organizer and activist DeRay Mckesson, Pod Save the People offers a salient analysis of the day’s headlines and their deeper impact on race, society, and culture.

  • There Goes the Neighborhood This is a podcast about how and why gentrification happens.

  • Seeing White From the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) at Duke University and is distributed by PRX, this podcast explores the history and meaning of whiteness.

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