Spring 2019

RPL facilitated three (3) a voluntary community conversation for students at Reading Memorial High School. The goal of this series was to not only hear student perspectives on current challenges or changes, but also document the impact of these things on Reading youth.


Each 45 minute session had 12-18 participants and included representatives from all grades.  Student participation was voluntary.  We asked 3 questions, between each of which the students switched tables, bringing their experiences and what they heard to share with a different small group.  For each question students recorded their own thoughts, then shared within their small group of 3-4, and finally participated in a plenary share with the entire group.


  • What’s do you LIKE about your community? What’s WORKING for you?

  • What’s CHALLENGING about your community? What CONCERNS or WORRIES YOU?

  • What PATTERNS, THEMES and INSIGHTS are you seeing?


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